The Sapphire Coast Runners Inc. committee consists of:
(a)  the office-bearers of the association, and
(b)  up to 6 ordinary committee members, each of whom is to be elected at the annual general meeting

The office-bearers of the association are as follows:
(a)  the president,
(b)  the vice-president,
(c)  the treasurer,
(d)  the secretary.

The committee may also delegate to one or more sub-committees (consisting of such member or members of the association as the committee thinks fit).

Below is the current committee and sub-committee members.

Glenn Edmonds – President
Lisa Lukassen – Vice President
Michelle van der Voort – Secretary/ Public Officer
Tammy Edmonds – Treasurer
Andy Gibbs – Committee Member
Belinda Cardwell – Committee Member
Gus Lamb – Committee Member
Lisa Dickson – Committee Member
Louise Louden   – Committee Member
Tina Piccione – Committee Member

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