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Merimbula Mother’s Day Classic – 2019 Results

Congratulations to all 180+ runners and walkers who took part in the 2019 Merimbula Mother’s Day Classic and thank  you to the volunteers that made it happen!

Sapphire Coast Runners were very proud to assist Merimbula Rotary Club in providing support for this great event and helping to raise funds for breast cancer research.

This year the 10km Run and 5km Run were timed for the first time. The 5km walk was an untimed event.

Photos may be viewed on the Sapphire Coast Runners Facebook page and the Facebook event page.


5k Handicap Chase Results – 18/11/18

Well done to all who took part in the 5km Handicap Chase Run on 18th November 2018 in Bega.

A staggered start based on handicap times meant slower runners started in front of faster runners, with the aim of all runners trying to overtake anyone in front of them, and stay ahead of those staring behind.

Junior member Skylar Roberts ran a 5k PB time to be the first runner home.

Thanks to on-day volunteers Tammy Edmonds and Andy Gibbs and all club members who took part. We hope to run this style of event again.

Finish Order & Results

  1. Skylar Roberts – 31:30 (PB)
  2. Donella Roberts – 27:00
  3. Lisa Lukassen – 24:56
  4. Glenn Edmonds – 24:56
  5. Steve Isles – 18:35
  6. Peter Dickson – 19:52
  7. Steph Auston – 19:52
  8. Clare Gilbert – 31:58 (Closest to Handicap)
  9. Kim Loveday – 31:58 (Closest to Handicap)
  10. Jody Collins – 26:50
  11. Tracey Gibbons – 30:35
  12. Michelle van der Voort – 30:35
  13. Belinda Cardwell – 28:11
  14. James Lukassen – 24:27
  15. Kimone Haddon – 45:25
  16. Cath Griffin – 45:25
  17. Heather Gee – 31:49

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View event photos on Facebook

Challenge the Pinch Results – 28/10/2018

Congratulations go out to the 27 members who lined up for the Challenge the Pinch’ trail event today.

  1. Conqueror of the Pinch – 5 loops in Under 5 hours
    1 finisher
  2. Finisher of the Pinch – 5 loops in Under 7.5 hours
    3 finishers
  3. Feel the Pinch – 3 loops in Under 6 hours
    8 finishers
  4. Participate the Pinch – 1 loop in under 3 hours
    15 finishers

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View event photos on Facebook

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Thanks to committee member Steve Isles and member Jody Collins for organising the event, and volunteers James Lukassen and Brett Roberts.


Urban Rogaine Event Report – 24/06/18

The club’s first rogaining event was held on Sunday 24 June.

Rogaining is a team activity for people of all ages and levels of fitness. It is a orienteering type event and is a great way to explore around the local area (in this case Merimbula and Mirador). It involves navigating your way around on foot to various checkpoints within a set period of time.

The inaugural Urban Rogaine was a great success with all 13 teams enjoying themselves and exploring some of the more obscure features of Merimbula.

In the end, all teams opted for the 90min event and spread out all over town to the different checkpoints. Most teams chose to stick to the flatter areas of town and fishpen, with just a few spreading into the hillier areas. No-one attempted to reach the checkpoints in Mirador in the available time. One team took a very extreme shortcut in their course and actually swam across from Spencer park to Mitchies Jetty rather than run all the way around over the bridge (they are definitely braver than me in the winter conditions!)

  1. The results were:
  2. Lisa and the fur girls 840 points (including 50 bonus points)
  3. Short smart and speedy 660 points
  4. Heather Gee’s team 620 points
  5. No class all ass 620 points
  6. Bega vets 550 points
  7. Charlie’s Angels 480 points
  8. Kym O’Halloran & Lochie 470 points
  9. Gibbons girls 350 points
  10. Team Lane 350 points
  11.  Long & short of it 330 points (including 50 bonus points)
  12. Roberts’ rockets 320 points
  13. No direction 290 points
  14. Elliot’s dragons 130 points

Congratulations to all those teams who participated and the organising crew (Michelle, Andy & Gus) who ensured the event was a success.

Given the interest, it looks like there will be more of these events in the future.