Route for Christmas Lights Group Group Run – 21 December 2017

The inaugural Christmas Lights Group Run is on Thursday night 21 December 2017.

We’re meeting at Sun Deck in Merimbula prior, ready to set off at 8:30 PM.

For more info:


  • Those taking part in this activity do so at their own risk.
  • Please remember, this run is an un-timed group run/walk for fun, it is not a race.
  • There are two road crossing which are made twice at toward end of route, when participants cross Beach Street at Market Street end and cross Alice Street when travelling along Main Street.  Participants must slow down and take extra caution at these crossings, being sure to watch for and give way to cars.
  • Otherwise the route should be travelled entirely on the footpath
  • Participants are asked to keep left and give way to other path users.


The 5km route has been selected so that our happy band of runners and walkers get to cross paths with one another multiple time, no matter their speed, and so that we stay in busier areas of town to spread our Christmas cheer with the public.  It also offer opportunity for runners and walkers to shorten their course and finish earlier if they choose.

View Strava route

  1. Start at the seahorse at corner of Monaro and Market Streets.
  2. Travel South out over bridge, then turn left into Fishpen Road.
  3. Carry along Fishpen footpath to end of foot path at old slipway.
  4. Return along same path continuing past start and travelling on footpath in front of shops on Market Street to corner of Market and Beach Streets.
  5. Turn right into Beach Street, passing between playground and Waterfront Cafe.
  6. Head past Visitor Centre and War Memorial then travel full length of Beach Street on footpath to corner of Main Street.
  7. Return at this intersection on same path back to Market Street and Beach Street intersection.
  8. Cross Beach street (take caution), to turn right to travel up Market Street on footpath in front of shops to Top Fun end.
  9. Turn right into Main Street and travelling on footpath cross Alice Street (take caution) and continue in front of RSL until the paver bricks on footpath end at Eastern side of RSL building.
  10. Turn back and travel back on same path back to start.
  11. Finish at the seahorse at corner of Monaro and Market Streets.


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