SCR Tathra Trail Run – 19th April 2020

This will be a Sapphire Coast Runners Member’s only event – please join up if you would like to come along.

When: Sunday 19th April 2020

Location: Tathra Mountain Bike Track
Parking at Tathra Country Club

Rego- from 8:00am
Briefing – 8:20am
Start – 8.30am Adults
– Children’s Option 10:30am

Race options:
1hr multi lap run; age 11+
2hr multi lap run; age 16+

Children’s Run; ages from 4 years to under 16 years.

Lap length: 6.4km
Elevation: 108m per lap

Mix of fire trail, single track, steep climbs and rocky climbs and descents and the deadly heartbreak hill.
There will be a water stop at -4km mark at the top of heartbreak hill and at the start/finish checkpoint.

Mandatory gear: capacity to carry 500ml of water, phone, race map (provided), snake bandage.

1st 3 male and female in 1hr
1st 3 male and female in 2hr
Winner is the fastest to complete the most laps in time frame.

Run description;

Start on the oval at the Tathra Country club where you run a loop of the oval before getting on the trail heading over the bmx track, past the poo ponds and then onto the fire road. You follow this until you see the sign saying dirt grom/school track (about 1.5km into the run).

You then follow the track until you get to track saying Lewys loop which you will be on for the next 2km – this is a windy and pretty track with steep dips and many switchbacks. You follow this until you see the arrow pointing to the fire road to the left (don’t take the trail straight which is evil tom! We don’t go up there!) you follow this narrow fire road up up up including the deadly heartbreak hill (even the best will have to hike here). You will reach an intersection at the top and head right to keep climbing until you reach the top of the where you will head left towards the more open area of forest remaining on the fire road- here you must run until you reach the water stop where you will loop the table before being sent down the single track – this winds back and forth with one more intersection where you will head straight along anchors are nearly there- stick to the left when the path intersects (follow the arrow) and you wind the final time until you pop out at the fire trail near the poo ponds- head towards the road and follow the trail to the oval- here you decide whether that’s enough and head down the finish shoot or head through the check in to go out for your next lap!

SCR Tathra Trail Run - Sunday 19th April 2020

  • Online entries close at 1:00PM the day before the event – late or on-day entries will not be accepted.


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